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by kelvinkhew
31 Jul 2008, 15:44
Forum: Our members
Topic: new member
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Re: new member

Hello, I would also like to introduce myself. My name is Kelvin and I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My interest on Chinese Locomotive is the DF4D series, DF7G , DF11 and DF11G. I do collect Bachmann China models In my country - Malaysia, we have official railway company - Keretapi Tanah Melayu Ber...
by kelvinkhew
02 Jul 2008, 19:32
Forum: Shops and sellers
Topic: Purchase - Bachmann China
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Purchase - Bachmann China

Hello Guys,

Anyone order model locomotive before from Bachmann China itself ? How they pack and post the stuffs ? Tell me more about it.

Thank you.
by kelvinkhew
21 May 2008, 08:46
Forum: Rolling stock
Topic: Bachmann China DF8B
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Re: Bachmann China DF8B

I like DF8B locomotive. The first time when I browse thru Bachmann China website, the locomotive model looks wierd. Why must be on DF11 body ? Finally Bachmann China produced DF8B ! I can't wait when is the actual date to release this model and the price. Any more extra news about the DF8CJ ? x mist...
by kelvinkhew
21 May 2008, 08:45
Forum: Rolling stock
Topic: Bachmann China DF4B "Red Eagle"
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Re: Bachmann China DF4B "Red Eagle"

That's nice. This is consider as industrial locomotive. Anyone buy this model ? There's special price for Bachmann China member like me :D
by kelvinkhew
21 May 2008, 08:42
Forum: Locomotives
Topic: The new Alsthom 9600 kW Co'Co' locomotives!
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Re: The new Alsthom 9600 kW Co'Co' locomotives!

Upon my parents visit to Datong, they found one of this loco there, I guessed. I will post up the photo but you can only see the head of the locomotive because others rolling stock blocked the view.
by kelvinkhew
21 May 2008, 08:40
Forum: Chinese EMU / DMU
Topic: CRH2C
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This is my first post in here. I would like to enquire anyone knows more info about the latest CRH trains - CRH2C ?