Bachmann China D38 (380T)

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Re: Bachmann China D38 (380T)

Postby natuwes on 03 Dec 2013, 22:11

roco wrote:I looked for data about this wagon . It seems that there is build 1 in 1998 . All the pictures I saw until now of this wagon , it was painted grey . Perhaps changed in color after a overhaul .
Is this wagon orange today ? Who can tell ?

regards Jos

Maybe a little bit late :) but I saw such a wagon in China last September, loaded, in a "normal" freight train, west of Beijing on my way to Datong. Since I was traveling by train, I could not see what type of wagon it was: the D38 type (see also or the DQ45 type (see also I only know that the colours of the wagon I saw are blue and brown.
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Re: Bachmann China D38 (380T)

Postby TEAMYAKIMA on 10 Apr 2017, 23:56

As you may have seen elsewhere on this forum I am searching for more photos of this wagon in use, in a train.

I need to know how this was moved around so that I can replicate it in model form, but the only photos I've found are those already quoted/posted in this thread are there any others please?
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