Illumination of coaches Bachmann China.

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Illumination of coaches Bachmann China.

Post by natuwes » 29 Jul 2013, 20:18


Does anyone have an option/solution for me what kind of contact sleeper (2-rail DC) I can use for lighting the Bachmann China coaches? I would like to attach illumination in the few coaches I have, but due to the apart model axes that is used, with the extra disks on it, finding the right contact sleeper is difficult. And since I would like to have eight contact points per coach for picking up the current, a replacement of the axels by single-sided insulated ones is not an issue for me.

I know that Liliput have some sets that might fit in, but I intend to (maybe) use the sets of e.g. Digirails, Brelec or the new ones from Artitec. I asked Bachmann China also, maybe they have a solution by now; last year they suggested (of course) one the sets of Liliput.

Thank you.

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