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Re: NY6/7

Postby galaxy_gfx on 12 Mar 2018, 18:35

Going back to an earlier point, I don't think all hydraulics had centre-less bogies, even in China e.g. the DFH1/3/5.

No, certainly not - centerless bogies are only an inherent necessity if the transmission is actually taking up space where a pivot would be (and not all hydraulics follow this pattern). On a side note: centerless bogie support was also needed for electric transmission, e.g., for the monomotor bogies of some French electrics and diesels. Interestingly, several of the exported French locos were oredered with more conventional nose-suspended traction motors (as far as I know, the ND4 is among them).

However, some centerless suspensions have the additional advantage of requiring less height compared to the bolstered solution you mentioned. In this case, traction forces are transmitted either by drawbars (e.g., DF4), or a smaller pivot that does not bear the weight of the locomotive (e.g., DF3).

Tielu Jiche Gaiyao 2009 铁路机车概要 ISBN 9787113091330 has dimensions and drawings for all diesels and electrics pre-HX locos. It is available on taobao.

Thanks for the hint, I'll definitely order this one next time.
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