CMRLine 25T DCC ready

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CMRLine 25T DCC ready

Postby natuwes on 03 Sep 2018, 08:38


Recently, I bought CMRLine nr. TX001801A007 (YZ25T DCC ready) in HK.

Since I didn't know that it had inside lighting installed, I didn't have it tested upon buying.

When trying to ride it on a DC non-DCC track, it showes the lighting flashing as in a short-circuit. I already connected DC directly to the print inside, but the short-circuit remained. Also when disconnecting the plug for DCC sound, no change. There is no short-circuit on the track or in the axes/wheels, so I can drive the vehicle normally.

Does anyone know how to use this model on a DC non-digital layout with the lights working normally? I do not have DCC equipment to change any possible address inside the electronics nor can I find the reason for the short-circuit. The manual that came with the model is in Chinese language - too complicated for me to read it all. Or should I just remove the circuit with the electronics and replace it for instance with one of digikeys?

Thank you.
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