ESU LokSound decoders, sound files for Chinese locomotiv

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ESU LokSound decoders, sound files for Chinese locomotiv

Post by duijn005 » 18 Apr 2016, 19:51

ESU LokSound decoders, sound files for Chinese locomotives.

I have many locomotives meanwhile converted to DCC. (Digital)
I usually use the ESU LokSound Decoders (V3,5 and 4.0), and I am very satisfied with this. :)
The biggest benefit I find that the EMF settings (you can slowly drive) and of course programming of many sounds.

Also for the Chinese locomotives I have meanwhile made various sounds files. I had this sound files already shared with "DCC friends", but if someone in this forum has also interest, no problem. Some experience (or someone else) with ESU decoders and [PC] 'Lokprogrammer' is required, as it was to load the audio files in the locomotive....... :)

Of course, they are copies of my locomotives, so the sound files are "as is". :D
But basically these files will be working.
(These files are "freeware" and may not be used commercially..... :twisted: :mrgreen: 8) )

Some recent sound files of ESU LokSound decoder’s v4.0 are:

- BJ (release of the double BJ and a single BJ)
Diesel hydraulic sounds programmed with "real BJ air horn"
[ ]

- DF4d (three different versions)
With many thanks to Mr. M.Okado for his sound files. Later I have converted the v3.5 to v4.0 and added the "sound levels" and "coupler sounds".
[ ]

- ND5
- NJ2
In principle, the basic American locomotive sounds with added "sound levels" and "coupler sounds".
[ ]

- QJ (two different versions)
Two versions, a 'Yebaishou' and 'Yangzhou'' QJ version. My most detailed sound files I made, with 99% real sounds! :D :D
(Including the chuff sounds, etc.)
[ ]

- SY
Sound file, with many added SY sounds.

And for the older v3.5 release I also have the following sound files.
- DF4d
- HXd3B
- JS (with many added JS sounds)
- ND5
- QJ (with many added QJ sounds)
- SY (with many added SY sounds)

Of course, no sound file is "finished" and there will always be changes in the future.
If interested, please email: and specify what sound file you are interested. Then I will send it through "www.wetransfer" (otherwise the appendix becomes too large ..... :) )

BTW, at the moment I am trying to make something for a DF11, DF11g, DF4c and DF8b. But given the time one needs, please to be patient ...

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