DCC problems old Bachmann China locomotives

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DCC problems old Bachmann China locomotives

Post by natuwes » 11 Apr 2019, 09:53


Does anyone have any advice regarding problems when placing a DCC-decoder in the following locomotives?

Bachmann China CD00202 (DF4B)
Bachmann China CD00302 (DF4D)
Bachmann China built 1999 (DF11)

When putting an ESU-8-pin decoder inside, the decoder seems to not have enough power to work. Sometimes, the motor will run, most of the time it won't. Lighting (bulbs, no leds) will sometimes work, most of the time they will not. I have not yet altered the CV-values of the decoder. Are these locomotives too heavy to be used by such a decoder or do the light bulbs have too much power to function?

On the other hand, locomotive CE00101 (SS8) works normally when adding an ESU decoder inside. But that loc. is less heavy than the DF4 and DF11.

Thank you.

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